Free resources for understanding and avoiding error

30 Jul 21

Whether you are new to GIRI or have been a member for a while, our website has lots of resources to enhance your understanding of how and why errors occur in construction projects, strategies for eliminating error, and how GIRI’s work relates to key sector priorities such as net zero and digitalisation.

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For an understanding of just how much avoidable error costs the construction industry, watch our short film The Real Cost of Error. For background on GIRI itself and how our work addresses the challenges faced by construction, watch our short film about the story of the Get It Right Initiative.

Our recent series of discussion forums have looked at the causes of error and error-reduction strategies in various different contexts, providing valuable insights into how GIRI’s principles can be applied to help eliminate avoidable error and save time, money, and resources. Recordings of all of our forums are available on the GIRI Youtube channel.

The most recent series covered key topical issues such as avoiding error when repurposing buildings; how greater diversity can help create a zero-error culture; the potential impact of modern methods of construction on error; and time management techniques to reduce the occurrence of error. Key takeaways from each forum are available as well as recordings of the full events.

Building Safety Bill

GIRI has organised two events focusing on the Building Safety Bill and how this impacts the industry and GIRI members. The first, in October 2020, saw Paul Lowe and Natalie Keyes from Weightmans discuss the implications of the draft Bill. Watch the recording.

The second, in April 2021, featured expert presentations from consultant Steve Green on the background to the Bill and the reports and inquiry findings that fed into it, and from Paul Lowe on the legal implications. The event then considered what these developments mean for the wider industry. Watch the recording.

Specialist forums and webinars

GIRI’s online events have also touched on a number of specialist topics. The Insurance Insights series, organised with GIRI member Zurich Insurance, provides an in-depth look at key insurance issues faced by the construction industry, including construction site fires and escape of water. View the Insurance Insights playlist

Construction’s impact on the planet and the role of error-reduction strategies in minimising this were addressed in a discussion forum in March, while the decision-making process came under the spotlight in a forum in the same series, alongside another event about learning from failure.

You can also find practical advice on improving systems and processes, and checking procedures, as well as insight into how to use the 8 discipline root cause analysis methodology on our Youtube channel.

Research and reports

You can also find GIRI’s research reports, including the Guide to Improving Value by Reducing Design Error and A Strategy for Change, in the reports section of our website. Both contain valuable insights and practical recommendations that can be applied to any project.


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