GIRI is a group of industry experts, organisations and businesses dedicated in eliminating error and improving the UK construction industry.

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Error is costing the construction industry between £10–25 billion per annum across the sector. To improve quality and productivity we need to engage leadership and change attitudes.

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We want to create a working culture that gets it right from the start, and engages all stakeholders in eliminating error from inception, to completion.

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Key international studies suggest that the direct cost of avoidable error is in the order of 5% of project value. Our research has revealed that the true figure is closer to 21% or £21 billion per annum.

GIRI’s research, carried out by its study group and members of their supply chains, revealed that when unrecorded process waste, latent defects and indirect costs are included, the situation gets much worse. Estimates of the total cost of errors ranges between 10% and 25% of project cost or between £10–25 billion per annum across the sector.

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We’re improving productivity in the UK construction industry, and you can be involved:

  • Find out more about the issues by reading our reports
  • Join us for upcoming events and discover error reduction solutions from Industry experts
  • Commission a GIRI Training course for your business
  • Engage with GIRI on LinkedIN and Twitter to keep up to date with developments
  • Become a member or associate of our Initiative and work with us to steer the agenda.
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