The Issues

1. Direct cost of avoidable errors

Key international studies suggest that the direct costs of avoidable errors are in the order of 5% of project value. This equates to approximately £5Bn per annum across the UK.

2. Total cost of avoidable errors

When unrecorded process waste, latent defects and indirect costs are included, the situation gets much worse with estimates of total costs of error ranging between 10% and 25% of project cost or between £10–25Bn per annum across the sector.

3. Error generating activities

Working with our study group and members of their supply chains, we identified and ranked the construction activities which generate the most losses through error. In doing this we differentiated between building and civil engineering projects.

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The Get It Right Initiative reports on its achievements over the last year and its plans for the future going in to 2020.

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The Get It Right Initiative research is in four parts:

Call to Action

Construction errors cost the UK industry billions every single year - view the Get it Right Initiative's Call to Action.

Literature Review

The Literature Review is a desk study of previous worldwide research into error. It corroborates the Initiative's Research

Research Report

The Research report is the full research report carried out by the Get It Right Initiative. It sets out the methods used, the conclusions reached and suggests ways of going forward

Strategy for Change

The Strategy for Change summarises the key findings of the research. Total cost of error is 21% of Construction Turnover

Our Courses

We provide a range of courses specifically tailored to your company’s needs.

Learn how you can minimise waste, avoid errors and save money.

Avoidable Construction Errors

A half-day workshop for senior managers from all disciplines that considers the impacts of avoidable construction errors, examines their ‘root causes’ and explores approaches to avoid them.

Workshop: Planning to Avoid Errors for Operatives

This course is aimed at all operatives and supervisors on UK construction sites. The course has been designed to be delivered on operational construction sites, at any stage in the delivery of a project.