New funds for leadership and management development training

20 Apr 20
New funds for leadership and management development training

A fund of £5 million has been launched aimed at firms in the construction industry looking to carry out leadership and management development training for their staff. 

Applications are now open for the CITB-backed scheme, which may be used for delivery of training such as courses developed by GIRI; Supervisors & Managers (Part 1 and Part 2) and Leadership (Part 1 and Part 2). Firms applying must be CITB-registered to qualify.

The funding:

  • will be allocated on a competitive bidding basis; applicants should hear whether they have been successful within approximately four weeks of applying. While the stated deadline is 12 June 2020, we recommend that applications are made at the earliest opportunity;
  • is aimed at companies with over 250 employees, but consortia will also be eligible. Funding can also be used to deliver training to the supply chain, but all beneficiaries must be CITB-registered companies and the lead bidder must have a minimum of 250 employees.
  • covers up to £100,000 of training per application;
  • will be paid quarterly in arrears based on training completed in that period;
  • is only available to CITB-registered organisations.


Please let us know if you are planning to apply for funding; if your company is too small to qualify GIRI will try and put you in contact with other companies in a similar position so that you can form a consortium. We would encourage any companies considering making applications for less than £50,000 to submit collaborative bids.

GIRI can also put members in touch with a company that can assist with funding applications if they do not have the resources to do this in house.

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