Strategies to eliminate error for leaders of construction projects - Part Two

One day


Course Objectives
A one-day workshop for a project leadership team to inspire, engage and help them reach a consensus about what they (and others) need to do differently for it to become normal to Get it Right first time.


Learning outcomes
• Recognise the scale of the problem, the cost of error to their project and the failure to learn lessons;
• Be able to conduct a root cause analysis and recognise root causes of error in construction.
• Thinking differently as a team with a ‘big picture’ view of risks;
• Eliminating risks rather than proceeding ‘at risk’;
• Investing in pre-work and planning rather than budgeting for rework;
• Improving dialogue within teams and with supervisors/SLTs; and, supporting the other GIRI training.


Intended audience
Project leaders who have the opportunity to take steps to tackle the root causes of error in their projects. This workshop is intended to be attended by participants from multiple organisations working on the same project in order to support the development of project-specific action plans.



Recommended that delivery is by a GIRI accredited trainer/facilitator.


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Course Personnel

Nick Francis Training Consultant

Nick is an award-winning engineer, experienced manager, and passionate educator. He has a track record of delivering innovative solutions to complex infrastructure problems. Having served for 16 years as an Officer in the Royal Engineers he has extensive operational military experience and is acutely aware of the impact, and fragility, of our built environment. As the founding director of Imagine Engineering Nick helps clients develop high-functioning project teams, drawing on technical expertise and military planning and leadership skills. Working with the Get It Right Initiative he has pioneered a range of education programmes to address the root causes of error within the construction industry. Nick regularly lectures at a number of universities and works with Bridges to Prosperity to tackle rural isolation throughout the developing world.