GIRI training courses approved for CITB funding

7 Jul 21

Small and medium-sized businesses considering investing in GIRI’s suite of error-reduction training courses can now bid for CITB funding to cover some or all of the cost of the courses following CITB approval of GIRI training for grant purposes.

Companies of up to 250 employees can submit a bid to request funding towards the cost of delivering the three streams of GIRI training courses: Supervisory & Management Skills, Training Across Interfaces, and Leadership Training. The courses fit together as a suite, focusing on behaviours, communication, and processes.

Employers that are CITB-registered can submit a bid at any time and can bid for:

  • Up to £10,000 for companies with up to 100 PAYE
  • Up to £25,000 for companies with up to 250 PAYE

The amount a company can bid for depends on how many employees they have (full breakdown available on the CITB website). Eligible employers can only claim once per year, so any who have already applied cannot do so again until that project is completed.

The funding is awarded based on a competitive bid process, with only the highest scoring bids allocated funding. GIRI can assist with bid process. Please contact for more information.

A CITB grant is already available for registered employers on a per person, per course basis for GIRI training. This amounts to £30 per person/per course on the Supervisory & Management Skills and Interface courses, and £70 per person/per course on the Leadership course.

Currently, the training can be delivered face to face or remotely directly by GIRI Training & Consultancy, but a ‘train the trainer’ model is now being rolled out that will enable organisations and individuals to become approved by GIRI to deliver the training themselves in a face-to-face environment. This training is eligible for the same CITB per person/per course grant.

For more information, visit our course pages or contact

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