Free online resources to assist with the avoidance of error

2 Aug 23

Did you know the GIRI website has lots of free resources to enhance your understanding of how and why errors occur in construction projects and strategies for eliminating them?

Getting started

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For an understanding of just how much avoidable error costs the construction industry, watch our short film The Real Cost of Error. For background on GIRI itself and how our work addresses the challenges faced by the construction sector, watch our short film about the story of the Get It Right Initiative.

GIRI Design Guide

The GIRI Design Guide was revised and republished in November 2022 and sets out a series of good-practice recommendations that address the most common root causes of error on projects to reduce their occurrence. The Design Guide is available as an online resource and as a pdf download.

In this short video filmed for the launch, six industry experts explain why it is so important to get design right first time.

Quality Alerts

We invite members to submit early warnings and quality alerts for issues they have experienced, which we anonymise and share with our membership. Available alerts include advice on issues such as concreting in extreme temperatures, escape of water, galvanised mesh panels, and product substitution. You can find our Quality Alert here. Alerts can be submitted via this form.


GIRI also regularly hosts webinars and online discussion forums on various topics, providing valuable insights into how GIRI’s principles can be applied to help eliminate avoidable error and save time, money, and resources. These are free to attend and open to all, and recordings are made available on the GIRI Youtube channel.

Our most recent series was based on the GIRI Design Guide and explored how to reduce error and positively influence design quality by doing the right thing from the initial design phase through the construction phase and beyond.

Other topics covered include the Building Safety Act, decision-making, lessons-learned case studies, and topical issues such as avoiding error when repurposing buildings; how greater diversity can help create a zero-error culture; the potential impact of modern methods of construction; and time management techniques to reduce the occurrence of error.

You can also find practical advice on improving systems, processes, and checking procedures, as well as insight into how to use the 8 Discipline root cause analysis methodology and the Quality in Construction Design Best Practice Tool on our Youtube channel.

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Insurance Insights

The Insurance Insights series, organised with GIRI member Zurich Insurance, provides an in-depth look at key insurance issues faced by the construction industry, including construction site fires and escape of water. The most recent webinars in this series covered the impact of climate change on projects and the insurance considerations around the use of mass timber as a primary construction material. Find these in our handy Youtube playlist.

Research and reports

GIRI’s work is based on our research, and several research projects are currently ongoing. Our latest reports include The GIRI Insurance Guide, published in September 2023, which is a good-practice guide to risk management throughout the life of a construction project, and the GIRI technology guide (October 2023), which looks at the use of technology to reduce errors in design and construction.

You can find all our published reports, including the GIRI Design Guide and A Strategy for Change, in the reports section of our website. Both contain valuable insights and practical recommendations that can be applied to any project.

Members’ meetings

Consider becoming a member to attend our quarterly members’ meeting, at which members and associated industry bodies share in-depth insights and practical experience into a range of themed topics that related to our core mission to eliminate avoidable error in construction. Reports from these meetings are published free on our website news section.

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