Forum to consider the impact of off-site manufacturing on error

21 Jun 21

Are modern methods of construction the panacea for construction error or are there wider implication that we don’t yet understand? This will be the core question considered by participants at the upcoming GIRI forum on off-site manufacturing on 28 June.

Nick Francis from GIRI Training & Consultancy will run the 90-minute workshop, with presentations and input from industry experts.

The session will start with participants sharing their own experiences of off-site manufacture, followed by an overview of how off-site manufacturing is influencing the buildings and civils sectors. This will include a short presentation from Knight Architects on their revolutionary new fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) modular bridge for Network Rail. 

The focus will then switch to construction error, with group discussions to explore how the most common root causes of error in construction may be affected by adopting off-site manufacture, identify which may be mitigated, and which may become worse.

Participants will compare the project lifecycles of traditional versus modular methods of construction. GIRI understands that interfaces are a common root cause of error, so the GIRI interfaces triangle will be used to investigate whether off-site construction leads to the creation of new interfaces in the lifecycle of a construction project. Small group workshops will explore how these new interfaces should be managed to prevent errors.

The session will conclude by drawing together the various lessons, with participants identifying key priorities to prevent error on projects involving off-site manufacturing and modern methods of construction.

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