Following the Christmas break, Think Up’s work on developing the CITB-funded training to reduce error in the construction industry has been progressing at pace across the three workstreams Supervisors & Managers, Interfaces and Leadership. The project has now passed its halfway mark and courses across all streams are nearing completion. In line with the schedule, the second half of courses in each stream has now been developed and is undergoing a pilot and testing phase.

Some of the earlier developed content will now be updated to better align the messaging and presentation across the whole suite of training courses. Video content is currently in production and will be tested and integrated over the next 3 months.

Training participants and consortium members have continued to provide valuable feedback that has enabled Think Up to create powerful and professional courses. Responses have been mostly positive, which is reflected in the members’ interest to roll-out the courses as soon as possible after completion of this project. The programme partners are currently exploring option for the roll-out. As part of the training development, Think Up is also investigating effects of the training on the culture around error in the wider industry, which will inform the roll-out strategy.

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