Design Management and Training across Interfaces

The aim of this scheme is to deal with error at interfaces, and it combines two parts:

Part 1] provides an overview for people involved with different project phases and includes:

  • Look at how interfaces are currently managed: what commonly goes wrong? /what can be done differently? / how interfaces can be improved by better design and planning?
  • Look at how short-term programming currently picks up trade-trade interface: who is supervising each interface ? / whose inspection and testing plans cover each interface?
  • Reviews the role of the main contractor with regards to reducing disruption between critical interfaces: what part do they play?
  • Promote the better understanding/ trust/ communication across interfaces and early problem identification/prevention

Part 2] provides detailed training for people planning and designing the interfaces and includes:

  • Design Management Modules for design managers on Interface Issues, Sequencing, Planning

Training across Interfaces: Aims, Objectives & Structure

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