Why quality matters - article by CQI

An article published on the Designing Buildings Wiki examines how the issue of quality is perceived by the construction industry and sets out the case for why it should matter. 

The article, which was contributed by the Construction Special Interest Group (ConSIG) Competency Working Group of the Chartered Quality Institute, provides a solid backgrounder to the issue of quality in the construction industry, referring back to the Construction Task Force's 1998 Rethinking Construction report, and examining progress since then. More recent publications including GIRI's own Research Report, and the Construction Industry Council's Farmer Review are cited as evidence that after two decades, little change had been realised.

However the authors argue that quality may finally be gaining a higher profile as a result of the Joint Memorandum of Understanding signed by the CIOB, RICS and RIBA in 2018.

The article examines the cost of quality, the impact of poor quality on health & safety, reputation, programme, environment, morale, and management time, and looks at how to 'create excellence' and the benefits of doing so. 

Read the full article here.


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