Making sense of rework and its unintended consequence in projects

Recommended paper from the International Journal of Project Management by Peter Love:

Making sense of rework and its unintended consequence in projects: The emergence of uncomfortable knowledge

Peter E.D. Love , Jim Smith , Fran Ackermann , Zahir Irani


Lessons from Australia

If a construction organization knows that rework is an issue in their projects, then why do they not put in place mechanisms to contain and reduce its occurrence?

Rationalizing and supporting the need for the adoption of error management, a new theoretical conceptualization of error is presented, which identifies its linkages with rework and safety. The new knowledge arising from this research provides an impetus for construction organisations to re-evaluate the zemblanity associated with rework to a position where serendipity as a result of knowing of errors becomes an integral function of practice. While the research was conducted in an Australian context, it is suggested that the findings presented would align with the experiences of construction organisations in other parts of the world.


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