Avoidable Construction Errors Workshop

Our Avoidable Construction Errors workshop is a half-day session for senior managers from all disciplines that considers the impacts of avoidable construction errors, examines their ‘root causes’ and explores error avoidance approaches. The workshop will be tailored to the specific business unit and the outcome will be a plan of action for the region to Get It Right.

The workshop will leverage the research and findings of the Get it Right Initiative:

  • The cost of error, could it be 20% of total cost?
  • The areas of work resulting in high cost errors
  • The real issues or ‘root causes’ of error – identifying them with the ‘five-whys’ technique
  • The investment priorities to reduce error
  • The key areas for attention – identifying them with the ‘critical success factor’ technique

Workshop objectives

  • Think differently about errors with a renewed interest in their costs
  • Become familiar with different techniques for understanding errors
  • Form a shared opinion about the best plan of action for the individual and the business
  • Be able to convince others to act and support the plan and for everybody to work together
  • Stop think and plan


For more information or to book a workshop please email Cliff Smith on cliff.smith@getitright.uk.com

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Avoidable Construction Errors Workshop