Board profile - Jenny McLaughlin

15 Mar 22
Board profile - Jenny McLaughlin

Jenny has worked in the airport industry for more than 19 years, the last 14 of which have been at Heathrow Airport, where she is currently project manager for Infrastructure.

In this role, Jenny has delivered a number of business changes, from a new aircraft de-icing process and introducing new IT applications to building a remote coaching gate in the middle of a live terminal, and significant maintenance work to the northern runway. 

Jenny is dyslexic and has ADHD and is passionate about ensuring that everyone has an equitable seat the table. As the lead for the Heathrow’s Disability Network, she works to create a safe environment to enable colleagues “to challenge and improve the way we interreact and build the world around us”.

“I believe the different way my brain is wired is an asset,” says Jenny. “I have been a speaker at a number of industry events on systemic inclusion and the critical nature of accessibility to ensure we truly can ‘build back equitable’.”

In her current role, Jenny is creating the tools to ensure all projects at Heathrow are delivered with accessibility as a key principle. “This will support our One Team ethos, which has a direct impact on the safety culture, as safety should be equitable, and no one should be less safe because of an aspect of their identity.

“I’m interested in bringing this angle to GIRI’s work – to further understand how improving accessibility can help to reduce errors on projects. I am happy to support the GIRI board widen the lens on how human diversity plays a role in project success.”

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