GIRI welcomes two new members

15 Jan 24

We're delighted to start 2024 by announcing the addition of two new members to GIRI.


FIS is the representative body for the UK finishes and interiors sector in the UK, supporting its members to improve safety, minimise risk, enhance productivity and drive innovation. FIS has more than 500 members, including contractors, manufacturers, and distributers, and focuses on sharing best practice, setting standards, and advising Government through a range of events, awards and specialist working groups. The organisation also has a skills and training team and works with Approved Training Providers to deliver training within the sector.


ReviCheck is a document management solutions provider to the construction industry that integrates QR code technology with Autodesk Revit to ensure all stakeholders on a project have real-time access to the latest data. Developed to minimise errors and reduce the time spent on rework, the system enables QR codes to be attached to construction documents, which can then be scanned using a mobile app to verify that documents are up to date and accurate.

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