What have we learned from our errors?

6 Jul 17
After one very successful workshop on Avoidable Construction Errors the delegates came up with what they wanted to do and how they would do it.

The Team's answers are not the only answers but we are sharing them to help other organisations and individuals raise the profile of eliminating Errors

What will the project team do about error?

A proposal arising from discussions was expressed simply as:

Raise the profile of quality

The group talked about improvements in health and safety made in the construction industry and how if we applied the same approach to quality and gave it similar attention we would significantly raise the profile of quality.

How will the project team do it?

Ideas generated by participants to raise the profile of quality included:

  • By innovating and making the connection between quality and innovation

  • By having the right contracts in place - pre-contract meetings are crucial and need to actually happen, they should run through key aspects and potential issues, they should include and engage sub-contractors imparting a feeling of ownership

  • By putting the answers to important questions in the ITP

  • By running sessions on challenges, goals, skills etc.

  • By running sessions on quality before the start of work and periodically throughout works

  • By pushing a pro-quality culture and getting sub-contractor buy-in and support

  • By holding independent reviews of projects with individuals form outside the project team

  • By ensuring presentations are easy to digests

  • By ensuring clear agendas for meetings

  • By producing ITPs on time

  • By having a s sign-off sheet for ITPs

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