Thoughts from the webinar with Lean Construction Ireland

26 Feb 18
Lean Construction Ireland organised a webinar last week on the UK's Get It Right Initiative, attended by over 70 participants. Tom Barton, our executive director, kicked off the webinar by describing the research which revealed that the UK Construction Industry wastes over 20% of its turnover in correcting waste. He then presented how the Initiative is managing its campaign to raise awareness, as well as the training that is in development and the GIRI courses that are already available.

Key questions from the participants revolved around: 'What do we need to do to make the change?'. The resulting discussion summarised that, quite simply, the Industry's leaders need to recognise that their organisations are wasting vast sums of money, and respond by driving through a cultural change from the top, that is successfully adopted throughout their businesses. Being part of GIRI would support this, as our leaders members are already demonstrating.
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