Members meeting 15th October 2018

31 Oct 18
Another successful and enthusiastic meeting with 33 delegates took place at the Institution of Civil Engineers on 15 October 2018. The ongoing campaign and growth of membership continues. Over the past six months the Get It Right Initiative has run workshops and seminars both for Member Companies and our wider audiences.

Looking ahead Members were urged to take advantage of the opportunities for Get It Right Seminars and Workshops. These can be made available to member organisations and wider sectors of the Industry.

We discussed the long-standing issue of how to measure quality performance and whether the industry is open to publishing performance statistics in the same way as Health & Safety performance is now done. A working group will be set up to develop proposals.

Dr Alastair Soane gave a presentation on Structural-Safety, its SCOSS standing committee and its CROSS confidential reporting system. It aims to understand the precursors of events and influence change in a blame-free culture. Structural-Safety is keen to collaborate more closely with GIRI.

Dr Gregor Harvie introduced Designing Buildings Wiki, the open-access knowledge-sharing web platform.

Jon Adshead described the work of the Chartered Quality Institute and its Construction Special Interest Group.

In particular he discussed the development of a common defects book.

Good progress continues to be made on the CITB funded Pilot Training Programmes. Further reports will be on the website.

The next stage of theGet It Right campaign will be the November launch of the full guide to Improving Value by Reducing Design Error.

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