Leadership culture needed to Get It Right

29 Sep 17

On 25 September GIRI attended a fantastic Developing Leaders Day' thanks to Willmott Dixon in Manchester. A highlight was the motivational speech given by James Kerr, author of Legacy: 15 Lessons in leadership. James inspired us with how We all need to be Leaders under One Captain', and talked about his immersive experience on a Gurkha Everest Expedition. His insights resonated with our philosophy: Lots of preparation will Get It Right'. And we can all do with his reminder you have not succeeded until you are back down safely from the top of the Mountain'.

The mantra Slow is Smooth - Smooth is Smart' is something we understand when trying to build a movement and awareness about key issues in the UK Construction industry. It may, however be harder to convince all of those involved that You have to believe in the Heart and then the Head'!

In summary the day inspired us with how to create a high performance culture which will certainly help us to engender a culture to Get It Right.

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