CITB grants double for eligible courses

12 Apr 23

CITB levy-payers can now benefit from grants of up to £140 per person towards the cost of GIRI training courses - twice the level of support that has been available up to this point.

The increase in funding came into force at the start of April, and means that grants ranging from £60 per person up to £140 per person can be drawn down by CITB members against the cost of putting their staff through GIRI training courses. The level of funding available varies depending on the duration and content of the course, but all GIRI courses are eligible for some level of CITB grant funding.

The grants can also be applied to GIRI Train the Trainer courses for those companies wishing to train their own in-house staff to deliver GIRI courses. 


The three streams of training are:

  • Leadership training (Strategies to eliminate error for leaders of construction projects and organisations)
  • Training across interfaces (Avoiding construction errors at interfaces)
  • Supervisory & management skills (Reducing errors on construction sites)

Find out more about GIRI training and how to book it here

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