CIOB Report: Improving Quality in the Built Environment

20 Dec 18
CIOB's Improving Quality in the Built Environment' 2018 report is the result of research undertaken by the Construction Quality Commission (CQC) to identify behaviours that are promoting or preventing delivery of quality, and what steps could bring about the necessary change.

Chaired by Paul Nash, past CIOB President, the CQC undertook detailed consultation with Industry in 2017 which revealed the need for top-to-bottom change, underlining the fact that quality was being sacrificed for time and cost considerations.

The report summaries that the Industry wide issues fall under the following 4 headings:
Education, Training & Knowledge
Legislation, Codes & Standards
Inspections & Sign-offs
Consultation & Co-operation with other professional bodies and Government

To tackle these issues the report recommends:

To offer competency-based training for the construction industry with longer term aims to develop into a qualification in quality management
To create a quality code that will capture best practice and set the standards to be expected from the industry
To ensure that quality has greater emphasis in the CIOB Education Framework
To support the quality work and initiatives with our partner organisations/bodies

The report concludes with 3 top-line Asks and a series of Key Principles that we highly encourage our Industry to adopt.

Download the report from CIOB website here
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