CIOB Call for Evidence on Construction Quality

3 Nov 17
The tragic events at Grenfell Tower focussed the attention of government, industry and society on the consequences of poor quality in construction.

But it was only the latest in a series of well publicised cases, both in the UK and internationally, which have served to highlight the fact that our industry is failing to consistently deliver the right standards of quality in the buildings and infrastructure that we create and manage.

And it is a situation which has consequences for the reputation of our industry and for those of us who work within it.

As the professional body responsible for the management and supervision of construction, the Chartered Institute of Building has a duty to respond to this issue, acting in the public interest.

In June we announced that we were forming a Commission of Past Presidents to investigate the issue of quality in the construction sector and what needs to be done to improve it.

Since that announcement, the Commission has been meeting to agree the actions that we will undertake to ensure that, collectively, we achieve the required standards of quality at all stages of the construction process.

To help inform the work of the Commission and to understand in greater detail what the current issues are, the CIOB is launching a call for evidence to gather views, data and substantiation from members, the wider construction sector, government and other interested stakeholders. We welcome responses from the global constructon sector, as this is clearly not an issue constrained to the UK.

Responses to the call for evidence will help the CIOB shape its work on improving construction quality and provide an evidence base to draw on. The Commission is looking for clear evidence to identify what improvements are necessary to achieve high standards of quality in the product, people and processes throughout the construction sector.
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