Webinar platforms - help us get it right!

6 May 21

In common with many other organisations we've gone through a huge learning curve over the last 12 months in relation to hosting our events online. 

Now we're asking for your feedback on webinar platforms by answering just two questions in a short poll

The creation of our popular GIRI forum series was one of the key changes we made, in order to keep our members connected during lockdown and give us a channel to make them aware of the work that we continue to do on their behalf.

Since we launched last April, we have experimented with several different hosting platforms, with variable success. It's important that we have a platform that allows proper interaction between attendees, with breakout rooms and networking tools, but which is easy for both host and attendees to navigate. 

As the business landscape continues to change and platforms evolve, we are reviewing what we currently use (Webex Meetings) and considering whether to move to another platform when our subscription expires. In the past we have found that some platforms are not accepted in the business environment, and employees are not permitted to download desktop apps, so it's not always easy for them to participate. We want to find out whether this has changed in recent times, to help us choose the right platform.

Please let us know what you think by answering two short questions; take the survey!

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