Using data for better outcomes

17 Feb 21

GIRI members will hear how project data can be leveraged to deliver valuable insights and better project outcomes in a presentation from the Construction Data Trust at the next members’ meeting on 25 February.

The Construction Data Trust was founded in 2020. Working with the Open Data Institute, academia, and organisations from across both construction and data analytics sectors, the Trust brings together data from across the industry to help to tackle some of the challenges facing the construction sector. Its vision is to shape better future project outcomes and to transform sector performance by unlocking meaningful value from historic project data from across the sector.

A data trust is a legal structure that facilitates the sharing of data by organisations in a secure manner. Its purpose is to bring together data from different projects so that approved parties can apply advanced analytics and AI to gain insights and reform how projects are managed. The data is held securely and can be segmented, permissioned, and anonymised at every level.  

The Trust’s founding director Grant Findlay, group strategy director for Sir Robert McAlpine, and Gareth Parkes, head of data and analytics at Sir Robert McAlpine, will present the aims and objectives of the Trust and its current pipeline of activity.  They will also share case studies to show how even simple project data analytics can unlock valuable insights to inform better decisions.  

GIRI members will learn about data institutions, gain a better understanding of data analytics use on projects, and understand the benefits to their own organisations of using data collaboration to solve problems. Members will also be offered the opportunity to collaborate in using project data analytics to help accelerate their objective to eliminate error.

The GIRI members’ meeting will take place on 25 February at 3pm and is open to all staff and employees at member companies. 

To register please email before midday on Tuesday 23rd February.


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