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14 Mar 23

Are you using technology on your site to help avoid error? And if so, does this technology deliver benefits? GIRI’s Technology Working Group is conducting a survey of the sector to identify the current digital technologies in use on projects around the UK and their impact on error reduction, and we want to hear your views and experiences.

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The survey, which takes about 10 minutes to complete and is open until noon on Wednesday 29 March, is part of a wider piece of research for GIRI that aims to explore why design information is often so poorly communicated in the construction sector and identify ways this can be improved.

To support this research, GIRI is seeking current construction sites across the UK of varying sizes for case studies, and you can nominate your site as part of the survey.

The research team is ideally seeking projects where the design consultants’ work is complete, sub-contractors have been procured and work on site is around 40-60% complete. Particularly of interest are design and build projects. Participating in a case study will require the submission of written information about the project, a site visit by the researchers, and follow-up contact with project participants to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

The results of the research, including the survey, will be compiled into a report that aims to identify areas for improvement and make recommendations for the more effective communication of design information to eliminate error.

Take the survey

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