Root causes of failure prompt discussion

17 Feb 21
Root causes of failure prompt discussion

Identifying the root causes of two recent structural failures, and encouraging discussion of how they could have been avoided were the central themes of this week's over-subscribed GIRI forum.

GTC director Nick Francis led the session and he began by introducing the main findings of investigations into the collapse of a wall at a school building in Edinburgh in 2016, and the collapse of an under-construction footbridge in Florida in 2018. Attendees were invited to discuss what they considered were the root causes of the two collapses, and reflect on lessons that could be learned from these. 

As is common practice with GIRI forum events, the formal presentation was punctuated by interactive sessions, where small breakout groups are given the chance to debate the questions that Nick poses, before bringing their comments back to the main group for further discussion. 

Key GIRI messages such as 'press pause to avoid error' and the techniques of 'back briefing', open questionning and helpful disagreement were introduced to the discussion, to demonstrate how they might be applied to real-life situations and what impact they could have on such critical issues. 

The session is available to watch again on our YouTube channel

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