Rab Bennetts on the benefits of GIRI Membership

10 May 19

Last week we visited Bennetts Associates' intriguing offices in Clerkenwell to interview Rab Bennetts about GIRI and why membership is important to the practise. Bennetts is dedicated to designing enduring architecture underpinned by a pioneering expertise in sustainability. They are one of the first architect's globally with Approved Science Based Targets in regards to their design process. The Design Industry is represented by Bennetts on the GIRI board and their team dedicated to the research and delivery of our Guide to improving value by reducing design error.

When commenting on the Design Guide Rab re-iterated how important the project team culture is, and how it is key that the client seeks out the advise to get this right from the start. Additionally he agreed that investment in design fees has always resulted in smoother, more efficiently built buildings, with less error creeping into the process.

As to the benefit of being part of GIRI - "The construction process is an incredibly complex business and GIRI supports the design and construction industries to work together, to share experience, to improve performance and ultimately to build better buildings"

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