Quality, error reduction and building safety highlighted in CIOB webinar

6 Aug 20

The inextricably-linked issues of quality, error reduction and building safety were highlighted in this week's online panel discussion hosted by the CIOB and now available to watch online. 

CIOB president Mark Beard launched proceedings by urging the construction industry to make quality part of its culture and by stating that the messages GIRI is giving out about quality, and getting things right first time, are "very close to my heart, and in my view, spot on".  

"If there is one thing that I can point to that drives our industry's productivity, profitability and wider reputation, it's doing things right first time, every time," he continued.

Paul Nash talked about the draft Building Safety Bill, and the background that led to its publication, and gave a short explanation of the main points it covers. "Quality and building safety are inextricably linked," he said, "hence why it's important that when we talk about building safety, we also consider the change that's necessary to improve quality in our industry."

But he added: "We shouldn't be waiting for legislation in order to make the changes that are necessary.. in our culture, behaviours and attitudes towards building safety."

Construction Industry Council chair Stephen Hodder gave an update on the review and development of the CIC's Design Quality Indicator, which was launched last year. The CIC has been working with other organisations in the industry to see how the DQI can be aligned with other quality indicators and tools, and has carried out a series of workshops to establish what people think demonstrates quality in a building, and where they think that quality drains away in the process of designing and constructing one. 

The CIC working group has an ambition to engage more widely on its findings over the coming months, and Hodder invited the audience to get in touch if they were interested in finding out more.

GIRI director Tom Barton started his presentation by picking up on the draft Building Safety Bill to highlight the role of the proposed 'accountable person' who will be required to sign off a building. This individual will be required to provide assurance that everything has been done correctly; "if the process is to be efficient, then we really need to make sure we are doing it right first time," Barton said. 

Almost 300 people attended the online event, and a lively Q&A session covered issues such as the role of procurement in driving quality; the demise of the clerk of works and the implications of reviving the role, and whether students should be taught about quality as a separate curriculum item, or greater emphasis be placed on embedding quality as an overriding aim.  

If you missed the webinar you can watch again online https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/6174577334861907459


The CIOB is also hosting two related events in the next two weeks which are open to all and free registration:

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