Members' meeting moves to online format

21 Sep 20

Some 50 attendees joined the first regular online GIRI members' meeting on 17th September to hear updates on GIRI activity since the start of the lockdown, and learn about plans for the rest of the year. 

Director Tom Barton opened proceedings by reflecting on GIRI's strategic aims and objectives in the context of the ongoing Grenfell Tower inquiry. He questioned why some industry pundits felt it was the government's job to instigate change - if we know we are doing it wrong, then isn't it down to us as an industry to make sure we get it right?

Highlights of the meeting included the launch of a new series of training course dates by GIRI Training & Consultancy; an update on how GIRI's technology working group is refocussing to address the conclusions of its research so far; next steps for GIRI's work on the error frequency ratio, and reflections on what and how we can learn from other industries in terms of continually reviewing our progress towards elimination of error. 

A new series of GIRI forums will kick off in October, and next month also sees a special webinar focussing on the Building Safety Bill and how it ties in with GIRI's key aims and objectives. The latter is the first of our autumn programme of events, all which are listed on the website events page

Changes to communications over the last six months - such as the launch of a regular members' newsletter, increased social media activity, publication of a new promotional flyer, and more opportunities for feedback - have increased engagement with GIRI members and the wider public, attendees heard. But improving engagement within member companies remains a strategic goal for the next six months, to try and ensure that the GIRI message is being communicated to a wider audience.

Presentation slides from the meeting can be downloaded from our website here.


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