Insurance Working Group: draft guide update

1 Aug 22

The first three chapters of GIRI’s guide to ‘getting it right through insurance’ have now been drafted by the Insurance Working Group, with work on the remaining sections scheduled to start in the autumn.

The Working Group is coordinated by Paul Lowe from Kennedys and members represent insurers, clients, contractors, and consultants working in the construction industry and the purpose of the group is to create a guide that will demystify construction insurance and assist all parties in working more effectively towards zero error.

Getting it right through insurance – how the insurance industry can help reduce error in construction will provide a high-level introduction to the impact that decisions taken at certain points throughout a project lifecycle can have on reducing rework and errors, and the opportunity for leveraging risk engineering expertise from the insurance industry to inform these decisions.

It is aimed at those working in the construction industry who deal with insurance or risk and will enable them to educate and engage with commercial and project managers to improve decision-making at all stages of a project, with reduced rework and error as an outcome.

The draft guide is structured around the phases of a construction project. Chapters will focus on pre-design, procurement, and contract negotiation; early-stage and detailed design; the construction phase; handover, occupation and maintenance; end-of-life; and ESG in the lifecycle of projects and buildings.

It is anticipated that the publication will launch in early 2023 and GIRI hopes to gain accreditation for the document from sector bodies such as the International Underwriting Association and the Association of British Insurers.

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