ICON becomes accredited to deliver GIRI's interfaces training

5 May 23

GIRI associate member ICON, a construction services provider based in Australia and New Zealand, has become accredited to deliver GIRI's training across interfaces course in-house.

ICON was the first business to undertake GIRI’s train-the-trainer training in 2022, with nine trainers becoming accredited to deliver the two-part SM-01 and SM-02 supervisory and management skills courses in-house, followed this year by in the interfaces course.

GIRI trainer Colin Tomlinson travelled to Australia last year to deliver the initial training, and ICON’s trainers have since trained more than 340 staff over 32 courses. It has been such a success that ICON has now undertaken train-the-trainer training for GIRI's training across interfaces courses, with Colin returning to Australia in March this year. Five ICON trainers have been accredited to deliver the IN-01 and IN-02 courses, and ICON intends to start rolling out the training in-house in May.

“The delivery of the course by GIRI was very well received by our trainers,” said Peter Billimoria, Group Quality Assurance Manager. “It developed sound facilitation skills to present key messages around eliminating error and changing quality in an effective way. The training was extremely applicable to our past, present and future projects and challenged our team to think about quality and construction error reduction in a new way.”

ICON staff have praised their in-house trainers for their ‘clear, knowledgeable and engaging’ delivery of GIRI courses.

“The way the training was delivered was superb,” said one participant. Others said the courses were well run and presented, and that trainers were engaging and helpful. The course itself was described as well-constructed, relevant, informative, and useful to day-to-day roles.

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