HS2 GIRI Lunch & Learn

1 Feb 19

Our Executive Director Tom Barton delivered a thought-provoking 'Lunch & Learn' session at HS2 this week. Attended by just under 40 HS2 employees from across the business and its various phases, it was highly praised. The case studies and real life examples explored the potentially detrimental effects of not having a GIRI approach from the outset. It provided great insight into how crucial the GIRI initiative is and the importance of the first stage of planning. It was clear that Tom understood the restraints in terms of cost, time and senior management pressures within the business.

Making a comparison with the aeronautical industry - where all mistakes are shared, Tom asked the same of the construction industry- should we share construction defects with the wider world? A tough but important question to ask to avoid any potential waste/problems. Tom asked the hard-hitting but necessary questions to understand how HS2 can begin to implement eliminating error initiatives and deliver a world class railway with as little waste as possible.


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