Harnessing Technology to Eliminate Error

6 Mar 18

The Technology Working group had an exciting time downloading and sharing ideas as to how to harness technology to eliminate error. The following is a summary of Key Issues discussed:


BIM is the future. Challenge is for companies to understand that they should be using BIM because it REALLY WILL REDUCE WASTE not just because they are told to.

It needs to be really well planned with a rigorous document management system so that a data mining tool is really effective. The right culture needs to be created so that individuals WANT to do it.

Standardisation nationwide is urgently needed

Sharing Ideas

Why is every company developing its own tools for identifying error and best practice? The whole Industry faces the same issues. The Industry should come together to develop a single fit for purpose APP showing Best Practice

Design for Manufacturing

An absolute essential but it needs to be properly managed. A rigorous approach to selecting components absolutely essential to avoid systemic problems later on.

Use digital techniques for offsite monitoring of quality and progress.

Design should be component lead.

This was the first meeting of the Technology Group. We are looking for ideas and input from the industry as a whole.


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