GIRI training survey - we want your views!

4 Jan 21

Have you or your company benefited directly from GIRI's industry-developed productivity improvement courses? Or were you unaware until now that we offer such training?

If you did know about GIRI training, were you aware that all our courses are now available for remote delivery?

Whatever your circumstances, we want to hear from you! Click here to go straight to our two-minute survey.

GIRI currently delivers three custom-designed training schemes to directly target the underlying root causes of error, which cost the UK construction industry approximately 20% of their turnover.

The courses were developed by industry, for industry, and can play a significant part in helping to reduce the frequency and cost of error in construction by ensuring all industry workers develop the right skills to collaboratively understand, pre-empt and avoid error in their daily work.

As we turn our attention towards promoting this specialist training more widely, we want to understand any barriers that might be preventing you from attending - whether that's accessing the information you need, explaining the benefits of the training to those who make the bookings, or finding the right delivery method for your team or colleagues. 

Please help us by taking our short, two-minute survey here 

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