GIRI set to launch insurance working group

22 Jun 21

Do you have experience of dealing with insurers or insurance claims? Can you contribute your time and knowledge to the development of a guide aimed at demystifying construction insurance and promoting closer liaison in the pursuit of zero error?  

GIRI plans to set up an insurance working group with the remit of developing new guidance to assist all parties in working more effectively towards zero error. Expressions of interest are being invited from GIRI members ahead of the launch of the group this summer.

The guide will address how insurers can help the construction industry to deliver value, improve quality and reduce error, and will be similar in style and presentation to GIRI’s Design Guide

It will attempt to offer a step by step guide to how the insurance industry can assist its customers throughout the lifecycle of a project, and provide insight into the common issues that arise, alongside recommendations to address them.

In the current process, insurers are often called upon when problems occur, but their expertise in error avoidance – to prevent problems arising in the first place – can be overlooked. Insurance is viewed as a risk-transfer mechanism and there is very little engagement between the two parties until insurance is placed. But insurers have a wealth of in-house experience which can be leveraged to improve projects and avoid mistakes and losses – and this is not being exploited as much as it could be.

Industry experts can advise on the insurability of a project and what can be done improve it – conversely a better understanding of projects they cover may give insurers the confidence to extend the coverage they offer. Insurance requirements and loss lessons can be fed into the project earlier, which is more cost effective.

GIRI is seeking a few key participants to help develop the document such that it fully represents the industry and provides a greater level of value for the reader. The key participants will form a working group with scheduled meetings/brainstorming sessions to develop the document, the intention of which is to have it completed and published in less than nine months. 

GIRI members with experience of the insurance industry or insurance claims, and who can commit to two or three hours a month until the end of this year are invited to get in touch by emailing


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