GIRI Quality Alert initiative launched

13 Jan 22

Get It Right Initiative executive director Cliff Smith is urging construction organisations to share their experiences and knowledge of quality issues to assist other teams in eliminating error.

Most companies already have systems in place through which they circulate advice and updates on quality issues to project teams and technical departments; now GIRI has created a similar process for sharing this information throughout the organisation and with the wider industry. Cliff is calling on GIRI members and other organisations to contribute practical advice, know-how and experience of quality issues to the GIRI Quality Alert Initiative.

View submitted Quality Alerts.

The initiative, which was launched today, will be trialled for a six-month period at the outset. Organisations are invited to use the Quality Alert Proforma online to submit details of quality issues they have noted and addressed.

These will be assessed, anonymised, compiled, and shared with GIRI members to assist knowledge transfer within the organisation and support our zero-error quest. They will also be made available to download from the GIRI website to enable sharing throughout the industry.

Issues will be logged by GIRI so that any trends can be identified and used to pinpoint future priorities for research and development. 

The form should take between five and ten minutes to fill in, depending on the complexity of the issue. A Word version is available here which can be downloaded and circulated to your team. An example of the completed form is available to download here.

Cliff said: "I want to stress that we are not seeking to add another administrative burden to the industry. One of the prime objectives of the Get It Right Initiative is to support knowledge sharing in the quest for error reduction, and the purpose of the Quality Alert Initiative is to provide the sector with a means by which to share and benefit from the experience of others."

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