GIRI Members' Meeting at ICE 14 January 2019

17 Jan 19

The first GIRI Members' Meeting of 2019 was held last Monday 14th January at the Institution of Civil Engineers with representatives from 28 of our member firms present, along with guests. Over 2018 GIRI membership has grown by five companies to a total of 35.

The Initiative's 2018 achievements were reviewed, including the well-received launch of the GIRI Design Guide and further progress on the three CITB-funded Pilot Training Programmes, showing over 350 people having attended training events so far. An important aspect of this training is the focus on influencing behaviour to eliminate error.

GIRI has been represented at Industry conferences during the year and delivered seminars, webinars and workshops for member companies and those interested in becoming members.

Jon Adshead of the Chartered Quality Institute and its Construction Special Interest Group provided an update on progress with a cross-industry defects book to be made available in digital format for easy reference on site.

There was a detailed update on the Pilot Training Programmes, where good feedback has been received from the events held so far. Course content is being constantly refined with the aim to deliver a CPD-accredited programme. The ensuing discussion focused on the importance of embedding lessons learned so that benefits are not lost. The strategy for moving forward in September 2019, post the completion of the pilot schemes, was also considered. Resources showing how the GIRI CITB Training Progamme is structured and how it aligns with RIBA Stages can be downloaded from our CITB Training Resources page.


Looking ahead to 2019, GIRI's objectives will be to:

    • Complete the current phase of CITB Training development and move to the next stage with the three training programmes (Leadership, Interfaces, and Supervisor & Management Skills); a series of videos will be produced to support delivery of the courses;


    • Develop relationships with further leading Industry organisations to increase awareness of GIRI's aims and approach, and to promote collaboration;


    • Move ahead with a Working Group to develop a common shared metric for measuring error-free performance;


    • Secure funding for research into the use of Digital Technologies;


    • Promote the range of GIRI seminars, webinars and workshops to member companies and other interested organisations;


    • Continue to spread the message through an improved website, social media channels, video content and face to face contact across the industry.


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