GIRI extends reach of training in 2023

8 Jan 24

Almost 1,800 people attended a GIRI training course in 2023, bringing the total number of certificates issued to date to 3,600. This is expected to increase significantly in 2024 with the availability of the GIRI Accredited Training Scheme and the development of a training course for site operatives.

Delivering an overview of the year at the GIRI members’ meeting in December, Rachel Hogarth from GIRI Training & Consultancy said feedback on the courses continues to be very positive, and the completion of the scale-up phase will further GIRI’s key goals to increase the reach and capacity of the training and maximise its impact on error.

Key achievements for 2023 included the expansion of the GIRI Accredited Training Scheme, said Rachel. This enables the GIRI courses to be delivered by Approved Training Providers, which could be commercial training providers or industry employers. In 2022 there were just two approved providers and 14 accredited trainers. By the end of 2023, there were four approved providers and 56 accredited trainers. “This is expected to rise to six providers and more than 85 accredited trainers by the end of 2024.” 

In 2022, Australian and New Zealand company Icon Group was the first industry employer to become a GIRI Approved Training Provider and has now trained almost 1,000 staff internally in the supervisory and management skills and interfaces training. In 2023, Icon was joined by BAM and Taylor Woodrow, which both trained their first in-house trainers with funds from the CITB.

The £600,000 CITB funding was made available last year to address construction’s productivity challenge and expand the capacity for delivery of the training. BAM and Taylor Woodrow won the first round of bidding in the summer of 2023 and the rollout commenced in the second half of the year. The second round of bidding concluded in November, with Kier and VolkerStevin securing funding to become accredited to deliver the training as well as undertaking leadership training on selected projects. 

“Quality assurance of delivery is critical to the continuing success of the courses. The GIRI Accredited Training Scheme Rules are in place to support ATPs to achieve these quality standards and conformity is monitored by GTC,” said Rachel.

The training rollout also received a boost in April 2023 when the CITB doubled its short duration grants. CITB levy-payers can now benefit from grants of up to £140 per person towards the cost of GIRI courses. To maximise the benefit of this increase for GIRI members, GTC offered a one-off discount of £510 on the cost of a GIRI LE-01 leadership course for organisational leaders, making it cost-neutral for CITB-registered employers training 16 delegates. This promotion led to a number of companies taking their first step on their GIRI training journey.

“Our goal for 2024 is to build on the progress made this year and continue to increase the capacity and reach of the training,” said Rachel. “GTC will continue with its direct delivery of courses, and we look forward to seeing the impact made by the expansion of the Accredited Training Scheme and our new GIRI Approved Training Providers. Together, we expect to train more than 5,500 delegates in 2024, bringing our cumulative total to over 9,000 since the launch of the training in 2020.”

Other projects for 2024 include the continued delivery of the CITB-funded training and the evaluation of the commission. “We will also review and further refine the GIRI Learning Management System and develop and test the first GIRI training courses designed for site operatives, which is something that has long been requested by members.”

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