GIRI director to speak at ACED Annual Conference

7 Oct 21

GIRI’s core message of avoiding error is on the agenda at two industry events in November.

GIRI executive director Cliff Smith will share insights from GIRI’s research and raise awareness of the sustainability benefits of a zero-error strategy at the Association of Civil Engineering Departments’ Annual Conference on 18-19 November. The theme for the two-day ACED event is 'civil engineering – leading sustainable change'. Cliff joins a line-up of speakers from industry and academia who will discuss the nature of the climate emergency and the best ways to prepare engineering graduates to contribute to its mitigation.

Cliff is also scheduled to make a presentation about GIRI to the International Underwriting Association of London on 17 November. The IUA promotes and enhances the business environment for international insurance and reinsurance companies operating in or through London. GIRI has recently formed an Insurance Working Group to develop a best practice guide for the construction industry sharing lessons learned by insurers to help prevent the occurrence of error.

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