GIRI and Building a Safer Future announce collaboration plans

11 May 22

The Get It Right Initiative and Building a Safer Future have announced plans to collaborate on a series of events, webinars and awareness-raising initiatives this year. These jointly-organised events will highlight the role that cultural and behavioural change has to play in the implementation of the Building Safety Act, and ensure that a consistent message is being sent out to the construction industry.

BSF chief executive Amanda Long and GIRI executive director Cliff Smith met this week to discuss how the two organisations could become more closely aligned, with a view to combining their expertise, resources, and industry reach in pursuing positive change and zero error. 

They plan to organise a series of webinars and in-person events from summer onwards, to address the challenges the industry faces around implementing the Building Safety Act and to raise awareness of the cultural and behavioural change that will be necessary to achieve this. 

Cliff Smith said: "The BSF Charter is set to play a vital role in helping the industry avoid error as it seeks to come to terms with the requirements of the Act and the necessary culture changes, which are a central part of GIRI's message. This collaboration has the potential to provide a one-stop-shop for those seeking assistance in meeting their new obligations."

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