Getting design right: GIRI webinar series launched

5 Apr 23

GIRI has launched a series of one-hour webinars focussing on the recently published GIRI Design Guide and its application to the design and construction process. Registration is now open, with the three webinars scheduled to take place on April 24th. May 22nd and June 19th.

Each webinar is hosted by GTC director of education Nick Francis, and each features a different guest speaker to address the theme of the session. 

The series focusses on how to reduce error and positively influence design quality through doing the right thing in the intial design phase, and doing the thing right in the construction phase.

Through work such as the Design Guide, GIRI seeks to have a direct practical influence on design, and this series of webinars is an opportunity to explore how to:

  • make the right strategic decisions, and produce an appropriate design
  • build, error free, and in accordance with the design 

Find out more and register to attend:

Monday 24th April.

Doing the right thing; designing to avoid error.

Monday 22nd May. 

Doing the thing right, now; making strategic and design decisions that prevent major project errors.

Monday 19th June.

Doing the right thing, in the future; moving from sustainability to regenerative design.



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