Galliford Try demonstrates commitment to early-stage error avoidance

16 Nov 23

A GIRI leadership course has been delivered at the pre-construction stage for the first time. The course, PL-01 Strategies to eliminate error for leaders of construction projects - part one, was delivered to a pre-construction team within Galliford Try Infrastructure in November. 

The first of a two-part course, this full-day of interactive training empowers leadership teams to set the conditions for error avoidance on their projects and within the wider business. The implementation of this course with the pre-construction team demonstrates the commitment from Galliford Try to focus on error avoidance from the earliest possible stage, driving the right behaviours and culture from the very start. The 16 delegates who took part found the course insightful and meaningful, walking away with valuable tools and ideas to drive improvement in performance whilst reducing error.

Alison Chippington, pre-construction director for Galliford Try Infrastructure, said: “GIRI provides important guidance and learning and the opportunity to drive a cultural and performance shift in our industry. We recognise that everyone has a role to play in supporting the elimination of error and re-work, which is why we invest in all of our teams benefiting from what GIRI has to offer. I would highly recommend the PL-01 course, and can already see the behaviour shift it will drive.”

The course focuses on providing participants with an improved understanding of error in relation to organisational leadership as well as leadership behaviours that can reduce error. It also aims to deepen understanding of the relationship between processes and error, effective communication, and pre-emptive techniques to avoid error. All delegates complete the course by identifying personal actions they can take to reduce error and agree a group plan to counter optimism bias.

Chris Klaassen delivered the course, with positive feedback from participants. Attendees praised the techniques taught and how these help promote collaboration. "Everyone should have access to this learning and discussion," said one, while another commented: "It showed that GIRI is not just relevant for live sites but also the pre-con environment."

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