Draft Building Safety Bill sparks keen interest

19 Oct 20

An audience of more than 80 people joined last week's GIRI webinar to hear Weightmans partner Paul Lowe and principal associate Natalie Keyes outline some of the central points of the draft Building Safety Bill, and to benefit from their expertise and knowledge when they responded to attendees' questions. 

In a 90-minute webinar, which is now freely available to view on the GIRI YouTube channel, the presenters set out the background to the new bill; talked about what form the legislation anticipates a reformed building safety system will take, and how it will operate, and touched on what impact the new system is likely to have on underwriting and insurance claims. 

They discussed the duty holder roles and both general and specific responsibilities relating to these; looked at issues around competency, mandatory occurrence reporting, project 'gateway' points, and the 'golden thread' of building information from concept to handover and into occupancy. 

How these issues will be dealt with, the types of buildings that will be affected and the potential timescale were addressed both in the presentation and the subsequent Q&A session, which attracted a large number of questions from delegates. 

The full webinar can be seen online here and the slides can be downloaded from here.

Want to know more? A detailed article on the subject by Paul Lowe is available on the Weightmans website here.

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