Bidding to open for CITB training funds

8 Mar 23

An invitation to bid for a new CITB commission to become accredited to deliver GIRI training will open on 27 March.

CITB has committed £600k to support eligible companies wishing to embed GIRI training across their organisation by undergoing GIRI’s train-the-trainer course. The commissioning and bidding process has been finalised and the invitation to tender for the commission is expected to open on 27 March.

You need to register on the CITB's Delta e-procurement platform to complete a submission. You can do so here

CITB hosted a free webinar on 21 March  to set out what the process involves, how to apply, and the key criteria against which bids will be assessed. If you misssed the webinar, you can watch the recording here.

To be eligible to bid for funding, companies must be CITB-registered.

More information about GIRI training.

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