Applying Adaptive Learning for Zero Defects in Building Construction

14 Mar 19

TR Control Solutions build, implement and support, Industry 4.0 solutions and have been granted funding by Innovate UK, to carry out a feasibility study on applying adaptive learning to transform the quality management process in the construction industry.


By leveraging big data and making use of artificial intelligence (in particular adaptive learning), TR Control solutions believe we can transform the quality management process in the construction industry thus increasing productivity, quality and safety, whilst also lowering costs.


As with zero defect programmes employed in manufacturing, the emphasis will be on the prevention, rather than the detection of defects. Specifically, we aim to improve the communication process to ensure that site operatives clearly understand the task they have been asked to perform.


Their focus will be on ways of improving the effectiveness of site communication and supervision as a means of preventing defects. They intend to achieve this by using BIM derived-data in conjunction with adaptive learning, to uncover and resolve a lack of understanding that can cause construction errors.


TR control Solutions are looking for companies who are particularly interested in improving productivity by reducing construction errors and who would like to help us with the research phase of the project.


Contact Alex Davies for more information:



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