Annual Review: New GIRI logo, website & video

19 Jul 19

Now in its third year, The Get It Right Initiative (GIRI) have undertaken a strategic review to refine how the initiative is achieving its mission to improve construction productivity and quality by eliminating error. At GIRI’s annual review on Monday 15 July GIRI board directors and Member representatives gave an update to Industry on GIRI’s revised strategy, new communication tools, the Building A Safer Future Consultation, GIRI’s Training programme, and their error metric in development. A captivated audience got a taster for error training, and audience feedback on the ideal scenarios for an error metric were captured by Slido.

GIRI’s activity is based on research conducted in 2015 that revealed 21% of project turnover is wasted on correcting error. That means £billions a year are lost dealing with errors that didn’t need to be made. The biggest causes being a negative culture around error, badly managed design and the cost and deadline pressures put on the complexities of construction. GIRI’s Guide to Improving Value by Reducing Design error published in November 2018 provides 12 recommendations to address eliminating error in the design process. 

One of GIRI’s four key activities is to deliver a strategic awareness campaign to improve sector attitudes to error. To increase audience engagement with this campaign GIRI has invested in a new identity, along with a re-designed website and marketing video to explain why GIRI is tackling error in Construction and the benefits to membership. The new visual identity takes the form of a simple strong logo mark that underlines the acronym GIRI in black and teal. The underline represents the importance of GIRI’s mission, and the teal represents excellence in line with GIRI’s vision to improve the Construction industry.

The identity has been applied to this new GIRI website you are now viewing: a re-design of its previous text heavy report-based website to a fully responsive, dynamic information destination. With new and improved functionality, data capture capability, and a contemporary visual narrative the website enables easier access to GIRI’s valuable content. Developed by digital marketeers MMS, the new website is accessibly viewable on all devices. The website’s homepage acts as an overview providing direct links to key error eliminating content including reports, resources, training, and latest Industry updates.

To widen the reach of GIRI’s message the initiative have created a marketing video that captures Members and key industry figures discussing the challenges the Industry faces, the benefits of GIRI Membership, and the opportunity that GIRI has to improve the sector. Members and the wider Industry are encouraged to comment on and share the video to support raising awareness across the sector. 

With Construction facing a difficult political and economic context combined with the declaration of Climate Emergency there is no better time to be part of The Get It Right Initiative. 



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