Rework hurts people and projects

Location: Online

Date: Thursday 4th June 2020

Time: 7:00am - 8:30am

Cost: See website for details

Despite all the latest technology, mega-budgets and highly trained teams rework remains endemic in Australian construction. Recent research conducted by Love, Morrison et al shows that rework is currently eroding contractor profit margins by up to 30% and increasing the likelihood of injury by 70%.

At this Webinar industry rework expert John Morrison will address the safety, productivity and commercial challenges of rework by covering the following key areas;

1. The causes and impacts of rework on construction projects here and UK;

2. Industry-proven methods to practically mitigate rework through real case studies;

3. Unpacking industry system and cultural blockers to reduce rework;

Hub Quality Lead for Laing O’Rourke Australia, Andrew Harrison, will also explore how we can influence better quality performance through refining procurement practices, covering the following key areas:

  • The compelling need for change: statistics from within the industry that drive the need for change
  • A collaborative approach to supply chain management and engagement: the involvement of the collective in assessing potential risks that packages of works bring to a project and the role that subject matter experts play in mitigating these risks
  • The role that management plans and other contract documents play in guiding the supply chain, and the overarching importance of engagement to ensure the supply chain understands the requirements/documentation supplied to them to facilitate successful project delivery
  • Hard yards’ performed during the early stages of project establishment will result in fewer reworks and defects due to a greater understanding of contract and client requirements and a more engaged workforce and supply chain.
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