How can technology help with measuring competence and what might the pitfalls be?

Location: Online

Date: Monday 4th April 2022

Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Cost: Free

Members of GIRI's Technology Working Group will invite attendees to discuss how technology can help with measuring competence and what the pitfalls might be.

The format will be a 'fireside chat' by each of the panel members, with the floor then thrown open for the audience to respond, share their own experience and knowledge, or challenge the points that have been raised.

Panel members include:

Melanie Dawson, Director, Origin 7 and chair of GIRI Technology Working Group

  • What ‘competence’ means to most people and how technology is an enabler to achieve higher levels of successfully or efficiently completing tasks
  • How technology does not have all the answers, the value of the skilled people is essential.
  • What goes wrong….. we bought the software but it doesn’t do what we thought it would… and how to fix it.

Steffan Speer, Business Improvement Director Construction, Morgan Sindall

Steffan will talk about how Morgan Sindall has implemented an academy which shares content with its own staff, and its supply chain and enables the company to self assess and record training requirement and completion of training whether on line or face to face. Through the company's access control system to its sites they can also record and control who has access to sites via the induction process, which uses technology and records qualifications etc.

Steve Green, Framework Bid Writer, Bowmer & Kirkland

Steve will:

  • Give his view and that of the Building Safety Bill in terms of what competence is
  • Discuss how Learning Management Systems can both assess and develop certain aspects of competence
  • Recap on the difficulties Dawn Hillier from the CITB shared at the last GIRI Members event on assessing competence and how this is just the tip of the iceberg
  • Consider the need for consistency across the industry in the assessment process
  • Argue that there is still a need for a degree of human interaction in the measurement process = emotional intelligence
  • Look at how technology can monitor and maintain competence at the site gate, once acceptable levels are achieved.

Cliff Smith, executive director, GIRI

Paul Dodd, head of infrastructure technology, Scottish Futures Trust 

  • What is the role of the client to support change?
  • The role of baselining skillsets to support improved outcomes and competence. 
  • The role of information management to document, measure and evidence competence. 

This event is free to attend and open to GIRI members and industry professionals.

Registration for this event is now closed.

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