GIRI forum: What can GIRI learn from the Edinburgh school wall and Florida footbridge collapses?

Location: Online

Date: Monday 15th February 2021

Time: 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Cost: Free (Open to GIRI members and industry professionals)


This forum will explore the findings of inquiries into two recent major construction failures; the inquiry into construction of Edinburgh schools that was prompted by the collapse of a wall at Oxgangs Primary School in 2016, and the fatal collapse of the FIU bridge in Florida in 2018.

The interactive session will provide a background understanding of both collapses, and identify how GIRI research and training can address the root causes of these disasters. Nick Francis from GIRI Training & Consultancy will lead the proceedings.

How will participants benefit?

The session will begin with a brief update on GIRI activities from Executive Director Cliff Smith.

Nick Francis will provide an overview of the Edinburgh School wall collapses, drawing on the findings of the CIOB inquiry. Attendees will participate in an interactive workshop, using their collective experience to identify key lessons from the collapse, and explore how GIRI findings relate to this disaster.

The session will then study the Florida Footbridge collapse. Participants will watch the short National Transport Safety Board presentation to understand the collapse, before participating in a second interactive workshop to identify similarities, and differences, between this collapse and the Edinburgh wall failures.

At the end of the session Nick Francis will provide an overview of the key concepts from GIRI training, and attendees will then identify how these should be applied to prevent future failures.  

To register email before midday on Friday 12th February.

The meeting link will be sent out two days before the event. 

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