GIRI forum: The climate crisis: What is GIRI’s role, and how can we respond?

Location: Online

Date: Monday 8th March 2021

Time: 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Cost: Free (Open to GIRI members and industry professionals)

This event is part of GIRI's third series of discussion forums which focus on current issues. Each includes a short, interactive 'training bite' relevant to these new challenges.

The event will be hosted by GIRI executive director Cliff Smith and Nick Francis of GIRI Training & Consultancy and will focus on the climate emergency, the contribution of the construction industry to global carbon emissions, and who should take the lead in responding to the crisis.

The forum will start by putting climate change and construction into context and discuss the twin priorities of reducing impact and improving resilience. Participants will be asked to consider what the construction industry should be doing both to reduce the impact of the sector on the environment and to build for climate resilience, and the potential contradiction between the two.

We will then ask the question of where leadership on this issue should come from – the Government, the industry, or organisations like GIRI? – and invite participants to consider what GIRI should be doing in response to the threat of climate change and how the challenge of the climate crisis relates to GIRI's aims and objectives.

To register email before midday on Friday 5th March.

Meeting link will be sent out two days before the event.


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