GIRI forum: How can diversity help reduce error in the construction industry?

Location: Online

Date: Monday 7th June 2021

Time: 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Cost: Free (Open to GIRI members and industry professionals)

The second event in GIRI's fourth series of discussion forums will focus on the impact that diversity can have on reducing error in the construction industry.

Without diversity of thought it is highly unlikely that the industry will manage to do things differently - ie better than - the way it has always done them. Therefore achieving diversity must be a priority for GIRI as part of its drive to develop an error-free culture.

Participants will consider how we can promote diversity in the industry and the impact greater diversity will have on error.


  • The session will start with an exploration of the concept of diversity in its broadest sense, as well as ‘diversity of thought’, posing the question: Should we promote diversity just because it is morally right, or does it also have a positive impact on our project outcomes? 
  • An interactive workshop will draw on attendees' collective experience to see how ‘diversity of thought’ relates to error in construction.
  • How does GIRI best-practice relate to increasing ‘diversity of thought’ within project teams?
  • We will introduce the concepts of ‘homophily’ and ‘problem space’, illustrated by a case study.
  • Participants will consider how the construction industry is changing, and whether experience from previous projects is the panacea for error.
  • We will discuss the premise that the ability of any industry to improve and respond to change is predicated by the four tenets of evolution, and consider how these apply to the construction sector.
  • Is it appropriate to decouple ‘diversity of thought’ from the wider concept of diversity?
  • A group discussion will invite attendees to share their own experiences of why the industry fails to both recruit and retain a diverse workforce. 
  • We will identify key measures that can be taken to effectively promote diversity.

How will participants benefit?

By the end of the forum participants will have an understanding of the link between avoiding error and institutional ‘diversity of thought’, and will also see how ‘diversity of thought’ is only possible off the back of wider diversity.

Through group exercises and discussions, participants will identify immediate practical measures which can promote diversity, in order to positively influence on the culture of the construction industry. 


Background reading


Please email to register, stating the date of the forum you wish to attend.

Registration closes at midday on Friday 4th June.  Meeting link will be sent out after registration closes.

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